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Our Pensions

Everyone needs to plan for their future.

Life expectancy is rising and people retiring today can expect to live well into their 80s. So, after you finish working you could spend up to 30 years or more in retirement and that's a very long time if you're no longer earning money. This is why it's so important to plan ahead and ensure you have enough money to support a comfortable lifestyle during your retirement.

A pension is one of the best ways of planning for retirement

  • A pension is a tax-efficient way of saving for your retirement.
  • The State pension is currently just €230 (2014) p.w. - that's unlikely to be enough to live on.
  • The earlier you start your pension the more time your money will have to grow.

We offer a range of pension plans and post-retirement solutions to suit everyone: employees, company directors or owners, self-employed.

If you're an employer we can help you set up a pension plan for your employees.

You can begin to explore the pension information and products that best suit your needs from the options below: